Red Lobster Descriptive Writing

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Page 1 Tenneh Yarngo English 1010 Feburary 10, 2013 The world of sea (Red Lobster) Red lobster is a wonderful restaurant to eat at because of their wonderful teasing sea food, welcoming environment and well-behaved crew members. Whenever you go to red lobster the smell of their food makes your month watery…show more content…
As you eat your dinner they will continue to check on you to make sure that everything is ok. They will notice when your drink need to be refill and it you need anything else to go with your meal. The crew members at red lobster are wonderful because they work together; they are very helpful to the customers and each other. When you are in red lobster, you always see the crew members laughing and joking with each other. If your waiter is busy or not around all you have to do is call one of the other waiters for assistant and they will help you with whatever you need. The waiter talks to you and make small conversation with you. The crew members are well dress and groomed. You do not see the crew members walking around in their everyday wear, they are well dress in dress pants and dress shirt. Red lobster has all the qualities of a great restaurant. They have great teasing food, their sea food is exceptional. You have never tasted good food until you have tasted food from red lobsters; they really know their sea food. Their restaurant is really outstanding and attractive, the nose catches the smell of the food, the environment makes you feel very welcome and the crews members make you feel like one of the family. If you like eating at red lobsters, you must have the money to pay for you

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