Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt

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A character from a novel that I admire is Dicey Tillerman, from a book entitled Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt. As it comes to mind a Universal Truth I have learned relates to this book; “Growing up isn’t easy. Attaining maturity involves making difficult choices.” After Dicey’s mother abandoned her and her siblings, James, Maybeth, and little Sammy, in the middle of Connecticut, they have to find their way to their Great-aunt Cilla’s house in Bridgeport. When they make it to Bridgeport they find out that their aunt has died and her daughter isn’t able to take care of them. They leave again to try and find the grandmother they have never known who lives in Crisfield, Maryland. During this time Dicey must take on the role of “mother” providing for her siblings, making all the decisions, and bearing all of the responsibility and pressure of trying to get them to their grandmother’s without the police finding them. Dicey knows they will be separated if they are taken in by the state. Dicey has to take on the responsibility of providing food and shelter for her siblings. She also has to keep them all safe and make sure they all get to their grandmother’s house. Dicey also had to make a decision, while they were at there cousin’s house, whether to stay and hope they wouldn’t be split apart, or take some action and make sure she kept the remaining members of the family together. She chose to leave and take her siblings with her. Throughout this book Dicey is weighed down by the pressure of having to make life changing choices for herself and her siblings. Yet she matures more with every step of their long journey. She never gives up. This is why I admire
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