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Home Sweet Home There is no place like home. My home is a place where I find delight, pleasure, and enjoyment. After a hard day of work, as I enter my home, it is a good feeling to know that home is where I would experience real satisfaction and joy. This is true in the sense, as one would enter the door of my home. As one enters, you would smell the soothing flavor of food, such as fried fish; curry chicken, oxtail, peas and rice from my wife cooking. Because of her good cooking, the kitchen would be my second favorite place in my home. In my home, the dining room has a rectangular shaped table with six chairs around it. This is where we all gather for lunch and dinner, as we would take the time to bond as a family. It is where we would share and express our thoughts, feelings, ideas, when we are having a meal as a family. I am a music lover. So when it is time for me to relaxed, I love to play soul and classic R&B. One would hear the sweet melodies of artist such as, Steven Wonder, Michael Jackson, Al Green, and many more. These wonderful hits bring back so much memories of when I use to party and club a lot in my younger days. And so at times I would reminiscent a lot on those good old days. I have two beautiful kids, age 9 and 13, who love to watch the Disney channel. So as you enter their room, you would hear sounds of show as, Shake It Up and Good Luck Charlie. They are so deep into these Disney shows, that they are starting to act, talk, and even want to dress like how some of these actors do. My daughter is a big fan of Justin bieber. So every time we go shopping, she would always want a Justin bieber product, whether it is a shirt, hat, or perfume. The first thing that could be observe at my home is the beautiful picture paintings, and pictures Of my family that occupy the walls throughout my home. In my bedroom, the walls are covered with

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