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Hitlers Youth Organisation Essay

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  • on May 19, 2011
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Hitlers Youth Organisation- Oral Speech
“Blood and honour” The motto of Hitlers Youth Organisation (HYO)
HYO was a group of 2.3 million young pure German boys and girls ageing from 10, up until around 18 who followed Hitlers and the National Socialists followings from 1922 -1945. The group was set up to make sure the Future of the Germany was in safe hands. It had two levels within the organisation, for the 10-14 year olds they were in a group called then jungvolk and the elder section the Jungend.
The Organisation was based purely to guide the youth of Germany and give them a stepping stone into Hitler’s resume for the adults. They did this by running a program that controlled their lives through instilling into them their beliefs and practises. Air, Motor, Naval and Equestrian sections of the organisation were set up to train the males to take over in the next generation, whilst females were educated on motherhood and possibly future combat.
The National socialists group and Hitler, were in charge of running and setting up the guidelines for the group. Although there apparent head was Baldur von Schriach who became in charge due the power he held to be able to create laws legalizing next to what ever the Group saw necessary to achieving their goal.
The process and amount expended into developing this organisation into the worlds largest youth group was immense. Hitler did not rest until the organisation what at a level he wanted. This involved a very thorough and thought-out process of enhancing the group. The decision or requirement to join was a long sequence of events. Most youths joined due to their parent’s belief in Hitler and what the National Socialists preached and the feeling of being an “individual solider in a million man army” along with being seen in the community as a higher person not worthy of un-pure people
Soon, Germany introduced new laws, stating if children wanted to become apart of the organisation it was illegal for parents to deny...

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