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History of American Football Before the 19th century, football was known as any number of ball games that can be played on foot. There were two games. Running games allowed the use of hand while kicking games didn’t. These games were pretty much like soccer. The legend goes that one day a guy from England was playing soccer. He grew tired of the no hands restrictions. So in the middle of the game he picked the ball up and ran with it. Players on the field chased him down and tackled him enforcing the rules. It was so fun that it became rugby. The first signs of American football dates back to the 19th century when students from elite colleges and universities played it. A violent running game was played in Princeton around 1820, and around the same time a kicking game was played by the students of Dartmouth College. The rules used in the Dartmouth game, known as “Old Division Football”, were published in 1871. Rugby was the first running game to codify its rules in 1845. Most sports historians agree that the first football team established was the Oneida Football Club. It was a team from Boston that was founded in 1861. Nobody knows the rules the club used though. In around the same time, Canadians were playing English rugby. The Montreal Football Club was formed in 1868. This became the root of Canadian football. This is important because it later had a large influence on American football. In the early football games there were 25 people on each team. There were also no offsides. So there were a bunch of guys on the field running around trying to score while other guys protected the goals. These football games resembled soccer. Instead of touchdowns, there were goals, and throwing and running the ball were not allowed. Harvard was the only college to enforce physical contact and running the ball. So they decided not to attend the soccer matches. Then Harvard

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