Sports In The 1920s

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Sports in the 1920s In the 1920s ,in America, prosperity was growing in many different places. The economy was booming, people were getting jobs and the unemployment rate was very low. Many things flourished like art, literature and sports. Sports, unlike the others, was gaining popularity for the first time. New sports were invented and athletes in every sport began to excel and become famous. Beginning in the 1920s one event like many that began to bring sports more into popularity was the formation of Negro League Baseball which was for only African American baseball players. Many things started to happen to play out for the future such as well-known Babe Ruth was traded from his original team the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees to continue his legendary career. One major event that also happened in 1920 was the formation and inaugural season of the National Football League or the NFL. From the teams currently in the NFL the Bears and Cardinals are the only left from the 1920 season. Another event was the 1920s Summer Olympics which were held in Antwerp, Belgium. The 1916 Olympics were postponed due to WWI and the 1920 Olympics were held in Antwerp Belgium to "honor the suffering of the Belgium people. In tennis Bill Tilden was the first American man to win a Wimbledon championship. In 1920 the sports era was just beginning to show itself and it showed itself more in 1922. In 1922 the Sultan of Swat or Babe Ruth hit 59 home runs establishing a new season record high for 3 consecutive years. On May 6,1921 the American Soccer League was founded. The original Yankee Stadium was being built in 1922 and construction began May 5. Also the NFL first got its name changing it from American Pro Football Association to National Football League. The Chicago Bears also got their name in 1922 from the Chicago Staley’s to the Bears. One popular sport

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