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Travis St. Peter Professor ENC 1101 Section 17C 2 February 2013 How a bad life altering event can turn into a life saving event I never thought about how one event can change another in life until I started paying attention and started noticing how things could be different. I had a very unfortunate life changing event happen to be at the age of 18 when I was serving my country in the Marine Corp. I was deploying to Okinowa, Japan and thanks to a clerk with my medical records they lost my shot records, so I had to have 13 shots in 1 day and go back to work as if everything was normal. The next morning I had to go on the obstacle course and never thought when I woke up that morning my life would never be the same. I was going through…show more content…
Because of the injury I will never run, surf, stand for longer than 10 minutes, or hike again. These use to be my favorite things to do but the outcome far outweighs what would of happened if the clerk would of just filed my shot records correctly. Because of this injury it has saved my life a couple of times that I know of. The day I had my hip replacement surgery is the day that my unit left for Iraq. Of course I was upset to not be able to go and be with my brothers and sisters but the injury held me back and that’s life not much I could do about it. Well since I didn’t go to Iraq they had to have someone replace me. Lance Corpal Furney was my replacement, he was married and had a baby on the way. Well Furney had a brain tumor that was unknown until they did an autopsy yes that’s right he passed away. Unfortunately Lance Corpal Furney was already going to have a short life because of an inoperable tumor but didn’t die from natural causes he died from riding in a vehicle where the Humvee hit an IED. He was killed instantly and died a hero serving his country instead of dying of natural causes. Because of a simple paperwork issue that turned into a life changing event for me that caused me to lose some basic pleasures of life but also helped me keep most of the pleasures in my life by staying alive. The hero that took my place in Iraq saved my life, but in a way according to his wife I saved his life also. He had an inoperable tumor and would of died in a hospital room which he hated hospitals according to the doctors he probably had less than 6 months to live and would of spend most of it in the hospital so instead of dying slowly and painful he died a hero and I now look at things completely

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