Merchant Of Death

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The title “The merchant of death “ is successful in catch the reader’s attention. The idea of someone selling death is controversial and shocking, it draws you in to reading the article to find out what it is all about. The article is about Dr. Philip Nitschke and how he promotes and easy death. It also speaks about how some on the euthanized patients were not terminal but chose to follow Dr. Nitschke advice rather than seek treatment. The people involved were Dr. Philip Nitschke, palliative care expert Prof. David Kissane, Martha Alfonso-Bowes a bowel cancer patient, Peter Wiese cancer patient , Nancy Crick who was coached in killing herself by the Doctor and cancer suffer Lisette NIgot. The article was written to point out that not all…show more content…
Martha Alfonso-Bowes said “there is no hope for me” and “I have maybe a few months to live” to show her lack of hope and depression about her condition c. Peter Wiese “there is nothing that can be done” used to show his hopelessness d. After it was found that Nancy Crick was found to be free of cancer after an autopsy “a fact that she was not aware” but Nitschke said “was “irrelevant” showing that Nitschke was not really caring about the patients just about killing them. 4. This article contains statistics about how many people were euthanized and how many were terminal 5. The picture adds to the point of a easy exit for the depressed by the word exit on the lid of the medicine 6. The article includes personal accounts of a number of patients and their relatives. They are relevant to show the point that not all of Nitsckes patients are in fact terminal but more like depressed. My overall opinion of the article is that the journalist makes Nitschke sound like all he wants is to sell a quick death even when the patients are not really dying. It also shows me that if we make this legal it would make it easier for people to use it as an excuse for assisted suicide. I found it very useful to get more of an understanding of the potential for

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