Persuasive Speech: Euthanasia

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Euthanasia What is euthanasia? Also known as physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia is the inducement of a gentle and easy death, at a cost of approximately $500. There are three basic kinds of euthanasia, all of which will be described in detail: active, passive, and voluntary. Active euthanasia is where the subject must take deliberate action to cause their death. Passive describes those that don’t do anything to prevent their death. Last, but not least, is when someone requests death. It is incredibly difficult to find someone willing to aid in conduct of euthanasia, as they could face prosecution on criminal court on charge of murder. The procedure requires the assistance of a third party, due to the potential incapacity of the individual requesting this procedure be carried out. The case could then be turned into that of homicide. The Arguments I believe that everyone should have the right to their own death whenever they feel they need or deserve it. If a certain individual feels that they would be miserable for the rest of their life after being paralyzed below the waist, and they request to be euthanized, who are we to deny them? So far, only two states have legalized physician-assisted suicide: Oregon and Washington. Their rules to receive this death is that the patient must provide two verbal requests and one written request to their health care provider. These states are allowed with the Death with Dignity Act as of the 2008 presidential election. Montana almost has euthanasia legalized. Baxter v. Montana is a court case in and of it’s own on euthanasia. Patients are often motivated towards euthanasia by terminal illnesses, such as cancer, AIDS, et cetera. Patients may want to opt for euthanasia when health authorities suggest they go into hospice especially designed to cope with their illness. A wish to maintain their independence, along

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