Benefits Of Assisted Suicide

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Jack Smith English 120 Jun 30, 2013 Professor Tail Should assisted suicide be an option for the elderly who wish to die? My grandfather had suffered from the untreatable and painful disease called brain cancer, when he was 80 years old. He was diagnosed with cancer tumors in his brain when he was taken to hospital due to a strong seizure. When he was completely diagnosed with brain cancer, it was already too late for physicians to cure him because the tumors have spread all over his brain and they had grown too large in size, so the only option left to Doctors in order to keep him alive was too give him chemotherapy. Since the chemotherapy was the last option, my grandfather did not have any other choice, but to go through the pain…show more content…
This right of free choice includes the right to give an end to life when they choose. It should be an option for elderly who cannot stand the pain which it is more effortless for them and their families to let it go and give an end to suffer than to be alive and continue to suffer and die with suffering. For instance, Jane who was an elderly and she was lying in hospital because she was diagnosed with a last stage of very painful cancer called Multiple Myeloma. It was not curable because it was not responding to chemotherapy anymore and due to this situation she was very depressed which is very common under that circumstances and especially for elderly. These conditions and diseases have left her permanently incapable of functioning in a way that a healthy and happy human should be living. In my opinion when such people ask for assistance in exercising their right to die, their wishes should be respected. However, untreatable pain and suffer is not the only reason or even the most common reason why elderly seek to end their life. The elderly who are totally dependent on someone else have more desire to end their life than the elderly who have incurable and painful diseases and conditions. For Example, John Smith an 82 years old man who had Lou Gehrig’s disease ; which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the…show more content…
Regardless if the particular elderly is in bad health condition or unhappiness he or she should be allowed to die with dignity. The right to choose assisted suicide might be the exercise that will make him or her happy. There is the possibility that an elderly might be forced to choose assisted suicide because of his or her financial situation but this view should be respected, however, his or her choice of assisted suicide should be in that person’s best interest, and this interest can include the financial situation of a patient’s relatives. An ill and hopeless elderly can easily see the sadness and pain that their families undergo while they wait for death to take their dying loved ones away. The choice of assisted suicide would allow these elderly to end the discontent of their families as well as their own

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