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Hide and Seek is a deep and important message hidden in the detailed description of a familiar childhood game. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and availing the opportunities which life presents one with. The poem starts with the confident and bold challenge of a child who has chosen a clever place to hide and is sure no one will be able him. One discovers that it is a group of people who are playing Hide and Seek and the boy who had called out is hiding in the shed which is dark and has a salty smell permeating him which reminds him of the seaside. Still in spite the fact that he could be uncomfortable or afraid, he takes comfort in the fact that no one will be able to best him. The poet talks to the boy, giving him advice that he should curl himself so that his feet aren’t visible from behind the sacks of sand he is hiding between; and also cautions him that if he shouts again he will risk drawing attention to his hiding spot. Another difficulty presents itself in the form of the cold floor but it is immediately over ridden by the thought that the children who are seeking the boy will be searching near the bushes, the poet again advises the boy that he must be careful not to sneeze when and if they come searching for him in the tool shed. The seekers do come and the boy hears them mutter and stumble, awing at the fact that the thought of victory has made the usually loud boys quiet and subdued. Listening to the series of rapid commands which follow the boy freezes, holds his breathe and shuts his eyes close hoping that they won’t find him. Sure enough, the voices fade as they move away not believing the boy would dare hide in the tool shed, as it was probably considered off limits to children. Even when the boys move away from the shed, the boy doesn’t come out, reveling in the fact that they will keep searching and wondering where he was, all the

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