Heart Breaker - Short Romantic/Horror Story

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Heart Breaker Lindsey Clarkson I started running faster and faster. His steps were getting louder and closer. I turned down an alley, wrong move- it was a dead end. He was near I could tell, but I couldn’t hear any more footsteps. There was silence; all I could hear was my own breath. I could feel my lungs extracting and retracting. Where is he I thought? The street lights flickered on and off. The air grew heavy, I was terrified. Sweat started beating down my face. The street lights flicked off, the only light that shined were the stars in the pitch black sky. I heard loud breathing from behind me, and then warm air flowed down my neck. He was behind me; a knife started caressing my cheek. I started weeping, “Let me go please, please let me go.” “Hush, Sophie everything is going to be alright.” I could feel blood dripping down my cheek, trailing into my open mouth. I started shaking, shaking more and more. Then I woke up, sweating like I just ran five miles. Blake had his hands gripped onto my arms, still shaking me a little. “Sophie, are you alright? I heard you weeping and I turned around, and began to watch you. Till I thought it was getting out of hands, so I shook you awake.” “Oh...I’m going to go shower, Blake.” I laughed a little, and then wiped the sweat off my brow. He said nothing and just combed his hand through his black hair. I dragged myself out of the bed, and started throwing my clothes off on the way to the bathroom. I turned the shower knob and stepped in. I started thinking, thinking about Blake. We’ve been dating for almost a month, not a long time but I needed a place to live. Since my mom kicked me out the house a month ago. She didn’t like the fact her daughter was 19-year-old and a college dropout. I’m a failure in her eyes, but Blake thinks I’m one in a million. I remember the day we met, like it was yesterday. It was a bright

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