To Kill A Mockingbird Monologue

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I hear a mob, gathering themselves just outside the local jail to lynch me. As I sit in this cell, I wonder, what I have done wrong. I start to slaughter myself by thinking of all these possible outcomes that could happen to me if I lost this quarrel. But, I concern most about my family, how this could affect them and their lives. A flash of light beamed straight into my eyes, a great white man stood in front of me. Could this be Heaven? Have I already perished and lost the battle and let my family suffer by themselves? I walk over to the bright light, as if it was my only source of faith and hope. Then it hit me, the cold rusty iron bars as it separated me from this flame. Making me feel limited and imprisoned, alone. I spoke to it, eager to see if it would give me a…show more content…
Robinson.” I started blink continuously as my eyes started to regulate. The light dimmed away slowly, and the figure finally stood out, Atticus Finch. “Everything is going to be alright Mr. Robinson, please just settle down” He cooed. Then I bawled, “I need to see the children… I need to see my beautiful wife Helen! Oh God, please tell them I’m not the one blameworthy!” I started to clasp the bars even more. Atticus reached over and grabbed my wrists and looked at me, straight dead into my eyes. “Now listen here Mr. Robinson, you shall not give up on hope just yet, and I am not leaving your side. I shall do everything in my power to get you to your wife and kids again, don’t you worry.” At that very moment, I was immobilized. I slide down to my knees, and felt a single tear drop slide down my cheek. “May the Lord bless you, Mr. Finch!” I blubbered. Atticus kneeled down with me. “Mr. Robinson?” I looked at him. “I will do my best to help you and prove your innocence, remember that. Don’t add so much stress than there already is.” I nodded firmly. Atticus stood up and I watched him, the great fearless man stride across the room as he closes the door behind

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