Savannah Chase: A Fictional Narrative

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She wondered what was going to be written on his gravestone. She had a few choice terms, however they were quite vulgar for lasting words. But then again, the murderer never did have a say. Savannah Chase limped across the hallway, making sure the blood dribbling from the heel of her foot didn't make the mistake of touching the carpet floor. She glanced around the narrow corridor, the only picture of her and her 'doting husband' provoking her attention. Her orbs still held naivety. They seemed so calm, not yet hardened by years of sadness and oppression. His own grey orbs had changed, not yet evolved from cruelty, no hate, even in his crooked smile. Pure innocence. Her hands found themselves on her wrist. She twisted the bracelet…show more content…
Her husband claimed he'd like to feel the breeze as when he drank. So it was ajar ninety percent of the time. Early morning sunlight beamed through the aperture like a ray of hope. She watched her step for the fragments of broken glass littering the kitchen floor. Repercussions of talking back. Her excitement for what was to come today had made her careless last night. He'd broken three cups in his rage. She swept it up quietly, her eyes wandering around her seemingly mundane kitchen, which it mostly was; apart from the box full of crushed cyanide. Her hands shook unsteadily as she reached underneath het kitchen sink. Two full tablespoons of powdered cyanide in his sweet tea. The faint groan of her husband waking in the distance alerted her. She finished making his tea quickly, as beads of sweat ran down her forehead. Just as she put the poison away, her husband staggered into the room. "Why the hell are you making cookies in the morning, Savannah ?" He asked, his voice still slurred. "I just wanted you to make you something special." She said, shaking slightly as he stepped behind her. His stubby finger prodding the bruise he'd created on her neck. "Atta girl." He grunted, kissing her cheek roughly. Her nostrils burned as she smelt the alcohol on his

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