Rednecks Heaven: A Narrative Analysis

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Amanda Sechler Eng-111-04 Due: September, 20, 2010 Narrative Essay Final: A Moment in a Rednecks Heaven It is the weekend of September the fourth through the sixth. I am on vacation in Chester, South Carolina with a few friends and my mother. At approximately nine thirty in the morning, on September the fifth, I wake up with an enormous headache. I want to see if taking a hot shower will help soothe my pain. I just knew I was with a bunch of rednecks when I attempt to take a shower, and notice that the only way to turn the shower on is with the screwdriver lying beside the bath tub. “Wow!” I think to myself. I have never had to experience a struggle like this before. Adding to that, I notice they have a rubber ducky shower curtain and a dear head mounted to the wall right next to the sink. I finally figure out how to work the shower with the screwdriver, therefore, I successfully get my shower, which indeed helped my…show more content…
Hopping onto the four wheeler, I notice my attire doesn’t look quite like theirs. I lack the camouflage, and knee high, scent free, boots they are wearing. “This is the life!” Mr. Stowe calls out, with a natural light beer in his hand. I can‘t say that I quite agree with him at the moment. As we head out on our journey, I follow closely behind everyone so they can assist me on our travels. We turn onto an isolated dirt road, heading to the creek. “This is pretty great”, I am thinking to myself as we begin to pick up some speed on the four wheelers. Forgetting that I was out of place, I begin to realize how much fun I am having on this four wheeler. Other than getting stuck in a creek, I believe I am doing well for an amateur. Mr. Millers statement was starting to make a little more sense to me. Maybe this really is, “the

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