Healthy Living And Living Healthy

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Cara Goodwin HES 100 10/2/11 Assignment # 1 Healthy Living and Living Healthy How healthy do you think you are? How healthy are you? Most people find these two questions to be one in the same, but they would be surprised to find out that they are actually two very different questions. We all have a self-perceived concept of how healthy we think we are, we tend to think that we are healthier than we actually stand. This is why I asked you how healthy are you, because the majority of people don’t really know the true answer to that question, including me. I always thought of myself as a generally healthy person, this is until I enrolled in a health class at my local community college and we were required to take a good look at our health and our daily routines. We were told to take a personal health assessment and also it was mandatory for us to make three SMART goals that we could easily track and accomplish by then end of the semester. Physical Health | Social Health | Emotional Health | Environmental Health | Spiritual Health | Intellectual Health | Personal Health Promotion/ Disease Prevention | 16/20 | 19/20 | 16/20 | 18/20 | 19/20 | 16/20 | 16/20 | The personal health assessment which rated us on how healthy we were based on our answers to the questions it asked; it measured our physical, social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, intellectual health’s along with personal health promotion and disease prevention. According to the assessment my scores were outstanding and so is my health, although I somewhat disagreed with my scores, I realized that I am much healthier than I essentially perceived myself to be. My score for physical health was 16, please note that all of these scores are out of 20 points total, I believe that I was rated 16 because I am usually quite physically active, I try my best to work out at least three times a week, which

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