Health and Social Level 2 Communication

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Identify different reasons people communicate People communicate to exchange and convey information with each other, express a need a view or a feeling, but the most important part of communication is the ability to actively listen to understand what is being communicated This may be one way communication or two way communication It can be conveyed in a number of ways verbal, written or non verbal Explain how communication affects all relationships in an adult social care setting. Good communication is essential in any relationship and particularly in adult social care as without this people may not understand what is being asked or said. A lot of people coming into the adult social care services may not have had experienced someone giving them their undivided attention and activity listening to them and what they have to say A good listener can be a very beneficial experience for a person trying to sort out problems or situations It can help the person come to terms with new or a unfamiliar environment, to explore their options The tone of voice for yourself is very important to make the person at ease as is body language. Compare ways to establish the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual. When communicating with clients make sure that their preferred method of communication is used and make sure that any specific aids they need are available such as hearing or seeing devices and any additional resources such as translators or signers can be organised if required. Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication. Make sure that the client feels comfortable within the working environment. But ensure from a safety point of view that any local requirements, such as physical exit route is available One of the most important roles in effective communication is body language Make eye
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