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P2: Explain the different psychological approaches to healthcare practice P3: Explain the different psychological perspectives to social care practice. In this assignment I shall be focusing on the different psychological perspectives which are the behaviourist perspective, the social learning theory, the psychodynamic approach, the humanist perspective and the biological perspective. I will then go onto explaining how each of these approaches relates to healthcare and social care practices. Health practice: The first perspective I will be looking at is the behaviourist perspective. In this perspective it clearly states that behaviour is learnt through experiences. For example phobias are learnt, they are learnt through bad experiences and fears which then leads to becoming a phobia. In the health sector, they would use the classical conditioning techniques which are used as behavioural therapy to remove appropriate methods of treatments and to treat anxiety disorders such as phobias, addictions and post-traumatic stress disorders. However even though the systematic desensitisation is effective for reducing phobias, it is not regarded as suitable for treating mental disorders like schizophrenia. The classical conditioning would say that if they would expose an individual to their fear then this would change their fear. The principle behind this technique is that it is progressing the person to overcome their fear by making them feel relaxed for example if someone had a phobia of big spiders, then the spider would be exposed to them in different ways in order for them to feel relaxed. This way the individual is shown different relaxation techniques which will reduce their fear. This technique can also be conducted in vitro which is imagined through imagery or in vivo which is real life. Another technique which is used by clinical psychologists

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