Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care

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Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care Task 2 In this task I am going to explain different psychological approaches to health care will also be explaining the different psychological approaches to social care. Secondly I am going to explain how practitioners are able to apply the approaches to health and social care practice. Finally I am going to evaluate the usefulness of the psychological approaches to health and social care practice. Biological Perspective The biological perspective is a method of psychology that views our genes to be the main cause of why we behave in the manner we do and explains it is the cause of abnormal behaviour. This perspective is mostly used by biological psychologists and they try to associate behaviour the roles nervous system and the brain. This perspective is widely used in the health care sector. There are a variety of applications to the biological approach, for examples in the healthcare sector practitioners are able to study the genetic disposition to illness. This allows providing service users with the best possible advice on how to be able to cope; they will also be able to research the best possible treatment for the illness. For example researchers are able to carry out genetic tests in labs to see whether the offspring of adults will be likely to be diagnosed with cancer. For example a cancer research scientist will begin a two stage process for genetic testing of cancer. The researcher will check blood samples for genetic defects that are likely to cause cancer. This type of procedure is difficult to carry out and it can be a long time before any results can be made. STAGE 1- Firstly the researcher will search for a certain gene defect that is within the family. They do this by carrying out a test on a family member who is an existing cancer sufferer. This stage is known as mutation search. This stage

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