Frameworks In Health And Social Care Essay

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This assignment aims to discuss frameworks used to identify clients’ needs, and also if these frameworks help to meet the needs of the client. I have chosen to base this study on a 20-year-old female who has enduring mental health problems and is currently being nursed on a low secure forensic unit. I am going to give my client the pseudonym Emma; this is in order to uphold her confidentiality and also to adhere to the NMC’s Code of Professional Conduct (2004). Emma has a long history of mental health problems, which date back to her childhood. She has been diagnosed as having Schizophrenia, which she feels has stigmatised her making it more difficult for her to see an optimistic future for herself. She suffers with the positive symptoms; of her illness this means that something is added to the person’s usual behaviour, such as hearing voices or delusional ideation (Powell 2000). Emma is due to move into a forensic hostel. I am interested to see how staff can assess what interventions are needed to be put in place to help with the process. These assessments can create a dilemma for…show more content…
This stands for the Functional Analysis of Care Environments. This assessment tool is the result of over 17 years of developmental work between different health and social care disciplines. It identifies risk history and looks at existing warning signs, for example if Emma was to pose any risk of harm to her or others. The department of health (2003) found that risk assessment in mental health care is in effect a culture, which has been put into practice by the government in an attempt to decrease the amount of suicides. The FACE risk profile is an ongoing assessment, which contributes to care planning and risk management for the client. Area’s that are covered by the FACE risk profile include, clinical symptoms, behaviour, treatment, forensic history, personal circumstances, these can all be indicators of
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