Health And Family Life Essay

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Health and Family life in the Bahamas In the Bahamas Health and Family life has always been a topic of much discussion. People are now knowledgeable of health issues and how it affects our generation. We also understand now more than ever that we have the power to protect ourselves from the dangers that threatens our health. The first step to protecting ourselves is learning what these dangers are and what we can do to prevent them. We strongly believe that our generation will live longer than people did a hundred years ago because we are learning to live healthier lives. One of the social ill affecting our society today is Incest. According to Dr. Pamula Mills a psychologist with the Ministry of Education, she address the nation in a front page article in the Freeport News that Incest is rampant in our country. She also stressed that we need to come together and combat this social ill as it is eating away at the moral fiber of our future generation. All the cases that have been reported, it was discovered that the child in question is often neglected by parents too often this whether people believe it or not is abuse. According to (Holt page 180) Abuse is physical or emotional harm to someone. Abuse can take place anywhere, including at school, on the street, or at home. Unfortunately, the most common forms of abuse come from people one should be able to trust, such as family members, friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends. For this reason, people who are being abused don’t feel as if they can leave the abuser or demand to be treated respectfully. However, it is necessary for them to do so. Many forms of abuse are illegal. No one should have to tolerate abuse. The average Bahamian would tell you that they find Health and Family Life classes to be boring and dull, but they do not realize is that every home is not the same. While others are fortunate to

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