Dysfunctional Family Research Paper

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Running head: IN YOUR FACE 1 In Your Face The Family Unit on Public Display Running head: IN YOUR FACE 2 Abstract This paper provides a view of the dysfunctional family unit and those factors contributing to child abuse and neglect. The dysfunctional family is no longer hidden behind closed doors. They can be found in public places outwardly displaying their dysfunction. The drama and discord within families is so commonplace and widely accepted as the norm that it can at times seem subtle. It is this family dysfunction that leads to abuse and neglect at the hands of the parent. Neglect, emotional and, psychological abuse is not easily defined and can be very complex. It is not the occasional negative attitudes or actions of a parent that is abusive, nor, the occasional loss of control that may have resulted in saying something hurtful. It is the persistent, chronic pattern of abuse that is truly most harmful to the child (Garbarino & Eckenrode, 1997). Incidents of emotional abuse are not isolated. Emotional abuse is present at the core of all types of abuse and has the most harmful effects on the well-being and development of the child (Iwaniec, 2006).…show more content…
The values of a culture will affect what people of that culture may see as acceptable and what is considered abusive (Iwaniec, 2006). Although cultural influences can greatly influence parenting, I did not see any glaring cultural contributors to the manner in which this mother neglected her children. The neglect in this family appeared more consistent with disorganized neglect. It appeared as though the mother lived from crisis to crisis, lacking the ability to rationalize. She was inconsistent with her children and focused on that which was most dramatic as opposed to what was most important to ensure the well-being and proper nurturing of her
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