Why Kids Kill

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How a Legacy of Child Abuse Leads To Homicide: Why Kids Kill By: Kathleen M. Heide After reviewing several articles on this particular subject, I chose to critique this one because it falls into the field of study I am pursuing; child psychology. I am perplexed and flabbergasted at the thought of a child killing his parent(s) and what lead up to the horrible choice. Was there no other options for these children? Where was the help these children desperately needed? This article answered many of my questions. In this article I learned that between 1977 and 1986, more than 300 parents were murdered each year by their own offspring. A report from the FBI Supplementary Homicide Division shows that, during this time frame, a great number of these cases involve an offender who was a male caucasion. They are children who are abused and/or neglected; children who honestly believed they had nothing left. I often ponder the question: Why are the killer of such a young age? Understanding from this article, most children under the age of 12 do not understand the ramifications or the finality of death. Young children are more likely to murder because they feel that they are trapped ad cannot escape the abuse inflicted upon them. The law has made running away from home and offense. Although many have tried to escape, they are more often than not, placed back with their abusive parents without further investigation. With children facing many challenges, often dealing with depression, grief, abandonment, loss, etc… a child needs the support of parents, helping him feel secure and wanted, allowing him to face his fears with confidence and strength. Most who commit murder have not had “available parents”. This article describes three types of children who kill their parents. * The severely abused/neglected child: This child is the most common of offender. He

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