Harvie Krumpet Change Analysis

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Change through experience is an evolutionary and unavoidable process that can generally be defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different, and is a major factor that influences and significantly impacts on individuals’ lives. When an individual undergoes change, it results in an alteration of the individual’s viewpoints, perspectives and how they understand themselves in relation to their surroundings and relationship with other people. We can explore notions of Change through the novel ‘Looking for Alibrandi’, by Melina Marchetta and the short animated film, ‘Harvie Krumpet’, by Adam Elliot. The main causes of change in the two texts are alterations in the characters’ perspectives and the protagonist’s relationships. Our understanding of the consequences of change…show more content…
Harvie finds it difficult to form relationships, and feels alone and depressed, especially after his wife dies and he is living in a nursing home. One night, he feels extremely depressed and, again, decides to end his life by overdosing. On his way to his room he meets a lady named Wilma. She also finds it difficult to form relationships due to being judged because of the cancerous goiter on her face. When Harvie begins talking to her, and their friendship advances he discovers that she also wants to end her life. Harvie and Wilma talk into the night and the development of their relationship causes Harvie to change his mind and he decides he ‘still has more living to do.’ This is evident through the use of speech. Throughout the duration of the film, Harvie is silent except for occasional gibberish. After his relationship with Wilma develops, he says ‘thank you’. This shows that Harvie has undergone personal change and he expresses gratitude towards Wilma. This highlights the importance of relationships to the audience, and displays how significant they are to individual’s growth and

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