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The Yellow Wallpaper is a short story written in 1892 by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The main character of this story is confined in a room surrounded by yellow wallpaper. She is restricted of enjoyment for the things she strives for in life. Her husband dictates what occurs in her life, all decisions are made for her. The main character suffers from depression. Her husband wants to help with her illness, but only helps make her worse by preventing her from enjoying what she loves the most. "There comes John, and I must put this away, he hates to have me write words."(Gilman,Charlotte) John does not think that his wife should write, rather he wants her to rest everyday in the room with yellow wallpaper. The wallpaper however begins to take a toll on the woman’s life. Throughout the short story the woman mentions how she cannot stand the yellow wallpaper. The husband ignores the obsession his wife begins to have with the wallpaper and believes she is just getting worse. The yellow wallpaper constantly sickens the woman just by looking at it, but John refuses to change it. The wallpaper begins to take over the woman’s mind. She sees a figure behind the pattern shake the paper and once again desires John to change the wallpaper. This short story ends with the woman becoming the person who was trapped inside the wallpaper. She eventually becomes free. This is actually in relation to the idea that her husband trapped her with no freedom. The woman deals with depression and on top of those problems from her marriage. Although her husband cares about her he does not understand that she needs to be her own person. A movie that can be compared to this short story is “Black Swan.” The main character Nina has a schizophrenic experience. She tries out for an audition to become the black swan for a ballet. Nina deal with stress from her mother wanting her to become the best

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