Donnie Darko Narration (Imdb)

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Donnie Darko is a problematic teenager and a schizophrenic. He has stopped taking his medication and as a result, he has gone sleepwalking. His family worries about him. One night at dinner, Donnie and his sister got into an argument wherein her sister reveals that Donnie is no longer taking his medication. Their mother confronts Donnie in his bedroom and he calls her a bitch. But then, Donnie resumes taking his medication. On October 2nd, however, he sleepwalks and meets Frank, a man in a menacing bunny costume. Frank tells him that in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, the world will end. That night, a jet engine strangely crashes through the roof of their house, destroying Donnie's room. If he hadn’t been sleepwalking, he would have been killed. On the way to the office of Dr. Thurman, Donnie's therapist, Donnie and Eddie nearly run over Roberta Sparrow, also known as "Grandma Death". A senile old woman who spends her days walking back and forth from her house to the mailbox across the street, Grandma Death whispers in Donnie's ear that all that lives ultimately dies alone. This greatly troubles Donnie, who worries that life has no meaning. Frank appears again to Donnie in a hallucination a few days later and persuades him to flood the private high school he attends by breaking the water main to with an ax to open it. Donnie implants the ax in the head of the school's mascot which is a solid bronze statue and spray paints on the sidewalk "They made me do it." School is canceled that day and Donnie walks home Gretchen, the new girl in school. She reveals that her stepfather nearly killed her mother and Donnie tells his own troubled past as well as his intelligence. Gretchen decides that Donnie is weird and that this makes him attractive. They agree to become a couple. Donnie has a troubled relationship with the faculty at his high school. Ms. Pomeroy
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