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Injustice Act “If homosexuals are allowed their civil rights, then so would prostitute, or thief, or anyone else…” To be young and realize you were gay in the 1970s was to await an adulthood encumbered with dim career prospects, fake wedding rings and darkened bar windows. Harvey Milk came long as the last dim of hope’ People told him no openly gay man could win political office. Fortunately, he ignored them. And then Harvey Milk school was founded for anyone who feels out casted from the society of prejudices and injustice. However, even within its very own school, injustice still exists as an inevitable effect of the society nowadays. The Harvey Milk School was first established in 1985 in New York City by the Hetrick-Martin Institute.…show more content…
On the one hand, these students are able to be safe and secure in the Harvey Milk environment and be truly accepted for who they are but on the other hand, it seems to be showing not only the LGBT community but also society that it may be best (or easier) if the gay and lesbian population is separated from the heterosexual population. In fact, this may be more detrimental to the heterosexual school populations. Separating the LGBT kids is sending the message to young people (as well as adults) that these kids need separate schools for their “issues”. The school systems may not be doing the job they should be to promote diversity and make sure all children and teenagers can feel safe and accepted when going to school. Harassment will never go away, especially in the schools, but creating separate schools for groups may not be the most ethical way of handling the situation. Separate can never truly be equal. We are only yielding to prejudice by allowing segregation. Assimilation brings conflict in the short term, but in the long term offers more

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