Happiness in Everyday Life Essay

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Happiness in Everyday Life Chip Glanovsky University of Hartford MGT 720 – Organization Development Dr. Sandra Morgan 05-06-2013 Having happiness in everyday life and pursuing happiness to be happy in everyday life are questions often asked and are topics researched. Studies show that having happiness and pursuing happiness for short and long term periods is possible and individuals certainly do have happiness for short and long term periods of time. Happiness may come from regular acts of behavior that reinforce the energy of being happy. Also it may be part of our genetic makeup and relevant life circumstances (Warner & Vroman, 2011). There are many ways which individuals engage in behaviors and activities to make or keep themselves happy for short and long periods of time. People will seek happiness to get out of or avoid sadness and to be happy and in a good mood as part of their daily practice of enjoying life. I will discuss personal happiness and acquiring happiness in and from organizations. When asked how you feel better, reduce anxiety or tension, and increase energy, a group reported they engage in an activity, talk to someone, put feelings in perspective, or listen to music (Warner & Vroman, 2011). Also individuals discussed pursuing goals and spending time with friends (Warner & Vroman, 2011). The list included but was not limited to thinking about being happy, helping those in need, and supporting friends (Warner & Vroman, 2011). These can all attribute to effective Happiness Increasing Strategies (HIS). Empirically validated HIS consist of many ideas also. They include but are not limited to optimism, avoiding worry, enjoying life, goal commitment, random acts of kindness, expressing gratitude, spirituality and religion, physical health, and building and nurturing relationships. These behaviors contribute to happiness of

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