Unit 85: Provide Active Support Essay

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UNIT 85: Provide Active Support By Kirstie Calow 1.1 The hotel model is where by the staff take over and the service user is a spectator of their own lives however active support encourages the service user to take active participation in every part of their lives, it provides the support that is needed to meet the needs of the service users. Active support is a way of ensuring clients are able to engage and participate in their own support. 1.2 Promoting independence - clients are empowered to consider a range of options by providing a verity of information, they own decisions, and share responsibility for the outcomes. The aim is to help clients regain or learn new skills to live your everyday life and stay within your community. informed choice – Clients rights a decision about diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that is based on choice, which requires that the decisions be voluntary and that the client has the capacity for choice. These rest on 3 elements: i. Possession of a set of values and goals, ii. Ability to understand information and communicate decisions. iii. Ability to reason and deliberate. Valued Life - is promoting person centre approach in all areas of care this will balance of activities that contribute to a good quality of life for individuals, incorporating vocational, domestic, personal, leisure, educational and social activities. 1.3 Active support will promote independent as t is looking at encouraging the individual to take part in all aspect of their lives, it is given the person information to help them make decisions for themselves and this makes them feel independent and valued. 2.1 Positive interaction - is positive reinforcement that allows individuals to take part in their lives in a positive way. Levels of help – this can be verbal instruction this is low support and when it is physical support

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