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Case 4 AGNAR BONIFACIO HANK KOLB, DIRECTOR OF QUALITY ASSURANCE GUEVARRA NUCUM SOLEDO INTRODUCTION Mr. Hank Kolb is the newly-hired Director of Quality Assurance of the company. He was just about to start the week in his new office when he discovered the alarming quality control management problems and inconsistencies of the manufacturing plant. Faced with the dilemma of choosing what he should or shouldn’t do, Kolb tried to scrutinize the existing and unearthed concerns of the company. PROBLEM • Lack of strong attitude towards quality in the plant – puts schedule and market share above quality and safety • Management lacks the policies and visible support of a quality philosophy such as following an ISO 9000 Quality System. ANALYSIS Complaints from: 1. PERSONNEL - Lack of formal training of the operator for the filling equipment – knowledge of the equipment is one of the important elements of TQM. It is a must that one should master his task in order to facilitate the operations properly. - Lack of sense of duty – one’s obligations should not stop until the fulfillment of his tasks. The operator should see to it that he observes the inspection because this is one of the determinants of the products quality and they could assess important details. If this problem is not properly addressed, the whole operation would be compromised. 2. EQUIPMENT AND PLANT MAINTENANCE - Machine being used is not originally designed for the Greasex product line – this only goes to show that there are existing inconsistencies in the operations. Using inappropriate machines for the product could undermine its quality. It’s just like matching a pair of socks with a pair of slippers. They are slightly related but create no impact. If the plant seeks to manufacture products that will create an impact in the market, it must have proper machines for

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