Han and Roman Technology Views

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Han and Roman Technology DBQ The Han and Roman societies had varying views about technology. The Hans however recognized technology as a much more valuable idea while the Romans saw it as something not as necessary. In document 1 a Han government official wrote to local officials telling them to establish more water conservation offices. He wrote in detail how he wanted it to be organized such as the scheduling of waterway inspections and hiring workers experienced with the “ways of the water.” This shows that this Han government official favored technology because he believed that the water conservation offices would be beneficial. Document 2 is written by Huan Guan, another Han government official, stating his views on the iron tools used to make salt and iron. He tells how the tools that people had to use now were very crude and not very functional. This shows that he favors technological advances so that people can own better tools. Document 3 was written by an upper-class philosopher Huan Tan. He wrote about how Fuxi, a wise mythological emperor, was the inventor of the pestle and mortar. Huan Tan shows his support for the advancement of technology by using words such as “benefit” in the document. Document 4 tells about how Tu Shih was appointed governor of Nanyang. This document shows that the Hans believed technology was useful and beneficial when it tells how Tu Shih creates a water-powered blowing-engine for the casting of iron agricultural implements. The Romans were a bit less interested in the possible benefits of technology but still they used technology to an extent. The roman attitude about technology was that people who worked in workshops was doing vulgar work. Cicero an upper-class roman says that nothing can be enlightening about a workshop. This shows that Romans did not think as highly about technology as the Hans (Document 5). This same
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