Dbq Roman and Han Empires

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In the Han and Roman empires, the two cultures felt extremely different about their attitudes towards technology, but even within the cultures themselves, these attitudes were not necessarily the same. Hans believed that while technology was primarily for the lower class people, upper class people should invent these, and sometimes use them. However, the Roman empire seems to be thoroughly divided on their attitudes towards technology. Some of the documents seem to think that technology is not for the upperclass, and is in fact vulgar, but others seem to think that it is beautiful and useful, created by the lower class but used by both. The first four documents are from the Han dynasty, and two of them are from government officials, which would probably mean a weak bias on their part towards the government. The third document is from a Han philosopher, and the fourth one is government sponsored, which almost certainly means a strong bias towards the Han government, probably speaking about how powerful it is. The next four documents are from the Roman empire, and all of them are from upper-class people. One is from a philosopher, one is from a high official, and two are from political leaders. This would also mean a probable bias towards the government. It is interesting to note that there is one document from each era that focuses on water and its path throughout the city, but no other documents seem to correspond in that manner. Document 1 was written by a Han government official, primarily about flood prevention. In order to keep floods under control, the official suggested that they establish water conservation officers at certain points, so that the officers could make sure that walls, dikes, canals and buildings were safe and controlled the water appropriately. This didn’t seem to be biased, but since it was a government official who probably wouldn’t be
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