Hamlet's Madness

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Hamlet’s Madness In the play Hamlet, by Shakespeare, the main character Hamlet, battles with struggles during the play. He goes through changes of his father’s death, his mother’s re-marriage to her dead husband’s brother, seeing a ghost of his father, the girl he loves having a father who makes her believe that she can’t love him, and living through is step-father trying to have him killed. In the play, it is thought that he goes mad due to all the lost love of Ophelia and the pressures that he is presented with throughout. Moreover, during all of this, he is also claimed mad because of the way he acts and talks around the king and general public. However, this is not the only type of type of play or drama in which the main character acts crazy or mad in order to enact revenge upon someone to avenge someone or just to purely gain revenge for some personal purpose. Yet, scholars interpret Hamlet’s madness in different ways, such as saying that he truly did go mad. In addition, when Hamlet is alone with Horatio and Gertrude away from the public and the king his speech and actions are different, and they do not include all the riddles and ‘madness’ or gestures that he talks with or uses throughout the rest of the play with everyone else. Hamlet’s flaw in all of this is that he likes everything to be perfect and due to that he procrastinates everything. Therefore, to perform his grand scheme, he must change the way he acts in order to prefect the chance to avenge his father’s death, and he must act in such a way to discover and learn everything he needs to do so. Many different plays and dramas included the role of madness because with madness it was thought that a madman would have no plans or thoughts of revenge such as in Shakespeare’s own, King Lear in which the fool is allowed to play on the King as well as give advice through riddles and double-talk.

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