Is Hamlet Crazy Or Insane

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Hamlet: Sanely Ingenious or Genuinely Insane? Sanity, Insanity or feigning madness. William Shakespeare's Hamlet, the price of Denmark, has always been interpreted in numerous ways; whether he is mad or pretending to be so. After reading Shakespeare's Hamlet we all have this question in our minds and wondering about the true personality of Hamlet, was he actually going mad because of all what he faced? Or was it only a plan to achieve his revenge from his uncle? This question has been debated from a long time. Some agree with the idea that he was faking his madness, others, consider him as truly insane. Joseph C. Allen in his article, was hamlet insane, argues that Hamlet was insane and not pretending. He mentioned that…show more content…
Alexander mention in his article that the only characters in the play who regard Hamlet as mad is the king and his henchman, even those were full of doubts and we can see this through the king speech when he ordered his henchman to go and talk with Hamlet and know from him why he puts on this confusion, this implies that the king understand Hamlet's strange behavior as feign and not real madness. Even Polonius; though he is the first person to declare that Hamlet is mad and has lost his mind, and the purpose of his madness is due to his love with Ophelia, yet he declares that Hamlet is clever by saying: "Thought he is mad, but there is method in it" (II.ii.203-4). This implies that Hamlet has purpose or plan for his madness; he assures that he is pretending. He ends his article by illustrating his point of view: There need no doubt, then that Hamlet's madness was really feigned.. . . . If Hamlet were thought of as truly mad, then his entrance and his exits could convey no meaning to sane persons, expect the lesson to avoid insanity. But it needs no drama to teach that. (Alexander 2-3) Still, there are those who argue that although Hamlet was pretending, he has lost his mind after all. According to Loni Nilsson, Hamlet's sanity has changed throughout the…show more content…
This makes her questions the sanity of Hamlet throughout the play: "It's worth examining Hamlet's condition and asking whether the apparition is truly there or not"(1). At the beginning it was obvious that Hamlet was pretending to be mad, for example, n Act 3 he was aware of Claudius and Polonius existence and the fact that Ophelia was sent by them to trap him, they use her as a bait to spy on him, that's why he pretends madness, he acts in a weird way as he makes strange expressions and contradictory statements, he acts in a strange way because he knows that he is being watched by Polonius and Claudius. He used clever words in this scene ,his remarks are clearly coming out of the mouth of an intelligent man, "Even so far , Hamlet is not truly insane"(2). She adds that what makes us more convinced of Hamlet's sanity is his plan to perform a play in front of the king; he named the play mouse trap, furthermore "His plan works, and Claudius raises from his seat before the play is over". The play Hamlet's prepare was exactly what has happened between his father and his uncle; this was intentional by him to watch the reaction of the

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