Gun Control: A Controversial Issue In The US

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Gun Control Gun Control is a very controversial topic in the U.S.A., partly due to the Sandy Hook school shooting. Many people look to increase gun control in order to make this country safer. People believe that if guns are made illegal, then people won't be able to shoot others in public. This is simply not the case. First of all, laws only apply to law abiding citizens. This means that anyone who is morally okay with breaking laws, will still get a gun if they want. Making anything illegal, whether it be guns or drugs, means that the government is giving away any control that it has over said items. The government can't stop criminals from getting guns, whether they are illegal or not. Now, most of the shootings reported by the…show more content…
The police can protect us, right? Wrong! Police arrive after the fact. Police can't tell when and where the next shooting will be. And they certainly cant teleport to where the shooting is taking place. The sandy hook police did not arrive at the school soon enough to stop anyone one from getting hurt. Besides, even if the police could predict and stop every shooting, the supreme court has ruled that it is not the job of police to protect citizens, their job is to police citizens. Simply put, the police can not protect us, but they are not legally obligated to either. Lastly, we need guns for protection. People can only get away with shooting at people if nobody is shooting back. In a world where everyone carries around a gun everywhere they go, there would be no mass shootings. Sure, bad people would have guns, but they would be crazy to think of trying to shoot people in public. But even if a mentally ill person did try it, the public would easily overwhelm him or her and there would be no mass shootings. We can protect ourselves if we have the means. To sum it all up, gun control laws would increase the amount of shootings in the U.S.A.. Is that really what we want? More shootings? -Aaron
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