Should Assault Rifles Be Banned

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Banning Assault Rifles and High Capacity Magazines Would Be Pointless Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” (“Benjamin Franklin”) Today there are US politicians who are in support of gun control legislature in an endeavor to protect citizens from the injuries and death that could hypothetically come from so called assault rifles and high capacity magazines. However, gun control laws are ineffective in preventing from heinous and violent activity, and have never worked. In a negative affect can actually increase gun related crime. Criminals by nature do not respect laws, so it would…show more content…
Please note that 30 of these people were adults and only three were in high school. The people that supported my thesis statement of, banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines would be pointless, had three responses. Seven people said the reason was because of rights, four people supported it because of liberty and eight people said that guns were not the problem in the first place it was the person who was in possession of the firearm. The people who disagreed to my statement also had three reasons why. Six people said they disagreed and that assault rifles and high capacity magazines should be banned because there is too much violence. Three people said anything, meaning that they would do anything to get any gun or high capacity magazines out of the market. Five people said it was ineffective. The total people who supported my thesis statement was 19 and people who didn’t support my thesis statement was 14. Which proves the point that this topic is, indeed, extremely controversial. Another question I asked was, “Do you agree that guns are used for protection?” 28 people said yes and 5 people said no. Then I asked the question, “Do you believe in self defense with fire arms?” 30 people said yes and three people said no. In correlation to my high capacity argument I asked, “Would policies to ban high capacity magazines would influence the perpetrator to carry more weapons and ammo?” 17 people said yes to this statement and 14 people said no. The real draw was between the question of, “Do you need high capacity magazines for multiple perpetrators?” 16 people said yes and 16 people said no, one person remained neutral on the topic. Then asking the question of, “Would a high capacity magazine and assault rifle ban be in violation of the
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