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“Satirist Elements of Gulliver’s Travels” “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathon Swift is a prose that was written during the Restoration Era, in England. The story is a satire of the society of England at the time; Swift uses symbolism to express his criticism against his people. The main character and narrator is Lemuel Gulliver, a doctor on a Navy ship who travels to many different non-existent countries. Spending time with the people of these countries, Gulliver’s eyes are opened to the flaws of his own country. Swift’s ingenuity makes for a story that to this day can still be relevant and convicting to any society. His use of description, symbolism, satire and fiction portrays his feelings about the British culture and humankind. The Restoration Era in England was a time of new ideas. The government of England was very controlling and had a say in everything the people did, scientists and inventors were discovering new things and people believed in new theories. Swift’s story portrays his animosity against the way England was changing. In George Orwell’s essay on the examination of “Gulliver’s Travel” he says, “Moreover, it is difficult not to feel that in his shrewder moments Gulliver is simply Swift himself, and there is at least one incident in which Swift seems to be venting his private grievance against contemporary society.” Swift’s critics have argued that he purely hates humankind, and Swift’s reply to these comments is that he only hates humankind’s folly (Chin). “Gulliver’s Travels” is a satire of the society of England during its publish, Swift ridicules the people of the time. This story is like playing a joke on someone, its subtly making fun of its readers, yet it is still popular, and how is that? Because these people were so naive and shallow, they could not see their own flaws. The idea of satire is used as Gulliver travels from each society to
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