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Edwin Vega English 101 September 13, 2013 Failed Procedure Dr. G again is in a situation where he has to complete the tracheostomy procedure on a mid-aged woman. He begins the procedure and doesn’t do so well, as the fact that Ball, his supervisor has to step in and finish the procedure off for him. Ball makes Gawande feel shameful that he couldn’t complete the procedure. He is a doctor and wasn’t able to finish the job. Gawande then realizes the shame, that he was expected to complete it but let Ball down and failed. The difference between shame and guilt come in at this point in a doctor’s career. Guilt is defined by someone who has a bad feeling caused by knowing or thinking that you have done something bad or wrong. To put in it an example is like when a person sabotages another person during a sporting event. That person doesn’t realize that the other person was the cause that they failed. The other person then feels guilt for doing that bad thing to that person. That bad feeling this person is feeling is guilt. Everyone one experiences guilt. Guilt may occur when someone doesn’t mean to hurt someone else that it’s not their intention to do that. Like…show more content…
Guilt is a feeling of sadness that you know you have done something wrong to another person. Shame is a feeling of dishonor, that you have lost the respect of someone because of you actions. Shame is when you know what you are doing and at the same time you still fail. Shame affects a person I believe more than guilt. A person feels guilt when done something wrong, that is just a feeling of sadness that’s it. At some point you will get over it. Shame on the other hand will always be with you, like shame hits a person harder and affects them more as a person. If you have respect for someone and they back towards you as well, you wouldn’t want to lose that respect they have for you. This is where shame comes to

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