How to Spot a Liar Essay

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How to Spot a Liar In a world of seductive scams, our sanity depends upon our ability to recognize how to spot a liar. To enhance this ability, we must learn new ways of perceiving the world and strive for higher standards of honesty than are currently popular. A lie is designed to create a separation between reality and what we think or feel. Occasionally, a lie is so obvious that anyone can easily see through the sham. But more often than not, a lie is so subtle or diabolically clever that uncovering it requires an uncommon detachment. This objective point of view becomes impossible if there is any greed on the part of the looker. Those who desire what is being offered (money, acceptance, beauty, flattery) more than they want the truth will easily fall victim to a lie. Some of most common ways of how to spot a liar are: baseless accusations, creating statistics, and muddy the waters. Determined liars know the strength of baseless accusations. All they have to do is simply accuse you of something you didn't do. If they can get you angry and turn you red, one or two times, they have got you. That guarantees that your response will be an overreaction. You begin to appear by your overreaction as if their accusation is true. You look out of control and they end up looking like the calm, sensible one. Your overreaction brings on a new guilt. You feel guilty for having lost your cool and can become much more apologetic to the accuser. You can even end up going along with the accuser because of your guilt for your angry overreaction. The news media have learned how to create statistics by simply paying someone to do a poll. The accuracy of a poll depends on what was asked, how it was asked, and who was asked. In the end, you only have what people said they did or said they believed. They may have lied. There are many ways that statistics can be twisted and

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