Social Intimidation a Contempory Social Problem

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Andres Garcia Professor Pietros ENGL1102 21 October 2010 Social Intimidation a Contempory Social Problem A Social problem is a problem that directly or indirectly affects many or all members of society. A contempory social problem is social intimidation. It is something that doesn’t get much attention, but it is becoming a problem at a much earlier age. This problem usually causes several things. The main causes of social intimidation are depression, low self esteem, and fear among children. Depression and low self-esteem almost go hand in hand. Social intimidation can lead any child to be depressed. When you are constantly the target of a bully it is inevitable. Depression can lead to several thins such as bad grades, wanting to miss school, and lose of interest in anything. The way low self esteem ties in with depression is usually someone who is depressed has a low self esteem. Bullying can actually make a kid start believing what the bully says is true therefore bringing down his self esteem. It is one of the jobs of a bully to lower a child’s self esteem and make a kid feel insignificant. In addition social intimidation can lead to fear among children. They fear seeing the bully and getting picked on, or in a more serious case physically abused. Some children are even intimidated into secrecy. They may also keep quite because they feel embarrassed that they allowed this to happen to them. They may fear that their parents will either criticize them or that their parents will intervene and just make the situation worse. This problem is the result of one main thing, which are parents. It has become a problem because kids are being socially intimidating at a much younger age. “Parents think it's cute when their 2 and 3 year olds are singing and dancing along to a Beyounce song. But, it's not so funny at age 8, when they're singing

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