Greed Research Paper

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Greed has been exemplified through racism and cheating on a famous 1950s game show. Image had become an important part of society, and that was seen when the TV industry became corrupt by losing their morals. The show “Twenty-One” was willing to do anything it could to bolster its image, even if it involved cheating. First, the producers were able to get an entire nation to believe that a Jewish character from Brooklyn had gotten a very easy question wrong, however he was paid to in favor that a new white man with a famous background comes in instead. However, it was not only the producers that began to become involved in cheating. Van Doren began to enjoy the fame and the luxuries of it, coming to a point where he accepted knowing the questions the night before even though originally that was against his morals. However, there was one man by the name of Joseph Stone, a young Jewish lawyer from Harvard, who set out to end the corruption.…show more content…
What was originally a family fun event might have become a game of corruption after a group of teammates got together and agreed to throw the World Series. In the name of money, gambling and hate (half of their goal was to get back at their owner), nine players risked not only their own names but also that of their team and the game as a whole. They were willing to lose the World Series, for money. Money had once again had proven to the basis of all corruption. Luckily, the game of baseball was not hurt significantly, even though the 9 players were banned from playing in the major leagues ever again. Money is not everything, and these players put a black mark on the game of baseball. Thank God the game survived, because in a time when more people stuck by their values than they do today, a boycott of professional baseball could have killed the sport in the
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