Effect of Winning Lottery

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Winning the lottery is the most universal dream in the world. The everyday person has a complete plan ready for what they will do with their winnings when they hit it big. A trip to Ireland, paying off your student loans, or funding your parent’s retirement would be so much easier with those few lucky numbers. For most of us, our vivid daydreams of one day hitting it big are rudely interrupted by the bill collectors calling our phones. Although suddenly coming into a large amount of money is seen by most as the key to happiness, such outlook could not be further from the truth. Greed is defined as a selfish and excessive desire for more of something than as needed. This destructive trait can be seen in the lottery winners themselves, strangers who know who the winner is and hassle them for money, and even those who are especially close to the winner and feel that they deserve something from them. It is a familiar occurrence when someone suddenly becomes so popular and liked that everyone automatically wants to become their friend, whether they were friends with them before they were popular or not. It is the same thing with the lottery; everyone wants to befriend the winner. Another negative effect generated from winning the lottery is your newfound trait of being insecure. Privacy becomes a thing of the past once you become a millionaire and you are now considered a local celebrity. A question that the lottery winner would be constantly asking themself is “Do people like me for me or my money?” All of these brand-new insecurities lead up to the winner losing their identity. They give up their old hobbies and interests that everyone once identified them by and they solely become “that one guy who won the lottery.” For most couples, a substantial lottery win is a dream come true. Has it ever crossed your mind that money would solve all of your martial
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