To be great is to be misunderstood

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Greatness does not equal the possession of highly developed talent. It incorporates the idea of possession of some extraordinary qualities and at the same time being so high in the sky so the others can’t reach you. And then, if they can’t reach you, how can they understand you? However, when you are so high it is lonely. This is the curse of the great people. They are so unique and extraordinary that nobody can be with them. History has proved that the talent, inventions and discoveries of plenty of people have not been appreciated during their lifetime. Like Galileo Gallilei, he found out that the Earth is round and they burned him on the stake. Few centuries later scientist discovered that Galileo was telling the truth, but it was too late for him. He is an example of a both great and misunderstood man. His discovery is so great that it changed the whole understanding for the world. At the same time, nobody was able to appreciate the greatness. If the greatest people are often misunderstood during their lifetime it isn’t impossible among us to be hidden such a person. The world is so developed that there are only few unknown things left for exploration. However, human imagination has no limits. There will never be an end to the desire of people to create, to renovate or upgrade. The greatness is neither measured during a person’s lifetime nor is it something clearly defined. Isn’t it true that only when the mass of people acknowledges that a certain person or invention is great this person is considered great? Consequently, it isn’t impossible that there are people, whose work was never appreciated. The only consolation for the lonely great people is that all their suffering and misfortunes are worth it. Aren’t they

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