Grass Fed vs. Corn Fed

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There has been much debate over corn fed beef vs. grass fed beef in recent years like which is better for the environment? Or is grass fed more nutritious than corn fed? Does corn fed beef taste better than grass fed? There are a lot of different opinions and research findings in favor of each idea but there is still no clear cut answer for any of the questions. Some people have asked if grass fed beef tastes better because you either know or feel like it had an easier life grazing somewhere nice and sunny with lots of grass to eat. Can that have an effect on the taste of the meat or does the grass in the cattle’s diet really change the flavor of the meat? The debate is not only about the taste of the meat but many other aspects of the cattle's life and surroundings. In the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma a Natural History of Four Meals Michael Pollan discusses where our food comes from. There are a lot of different topics the book covers but the bottom line is the difference in organic foods and manufactured or industrialized food, which makes you really think about what you are eating and where it comes from. This paper will discuss the position of grass fed vs. corn fed and why grass fed is better. Grass fed beef is more nutritious for the human body because the meat is healthier because it has less fat, more nutrients, and is better for the environment. My opponents will say corn fed beef tastes better and is a higher quality meat because of the marbling of the meat and the fats it contains. They are incorrect saying that corn fed tastes better than grass fed because grass fed meat has a richer beefier taste than the corn fed meat does. Grass fed beef also has more texture that makes the meat taste meatier. Because most grass fed cattle are allowed to move around the meat is not chewy but very tender and extremely flavorful. The marbling in the corn fed meat is

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