White Bread Vs Wheat Bread

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Wheat Bread vs. White Bread: Which is healthier? By Chantain Lennon D88010634 DeVry University English 135 1/24/09 \ I never considered white bread as unhealthy growing up as and child. I can remember looking at the Sunbeam bread bag lying on the kitchen table and mother would make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that were the best in the world. Now with modern technology so advanced, I see bread in a different light. Wheat bread is much healthier than white bread no matter how you look at it. There are some traditional food eaters that would beg to differ with this statement but it is a fact. I take the stance that wheat bread is the healthier choice of bread to eat. Grains in the diet are a large part of healthy living. The problem with white bread is that it is processed and most of the essential nutrients needed are lost in the process. Statistical data shows that 100% whole wheat/whole grain breads have more fiber than white bread or other breads made with wheat flour (Keep kids healthy, n.d.). Whole wheat and white bread have distinct differences even though they both come from grains. The two main differences are how they are processed, both types of bread come from wheat berries, that have three nutrient parts to make up the substance: the bran which is the outer most layer of the berry, the germ, which in the inner most layer, and the endosperm which is the middle layer and it is the part that contains starch. The main difference is when whole wheat bread is processed it retains all three nutrient parts of the wheat berry which is good for the digestive system. White bread flour only uses the endosperm which is the starchy part of the wheat berry and starch turns to sugar during digestion. This fact alone is why I feel that whole wheat bread is the better choice. Whole wheat bread also contains a higher

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