Grade My Essay? "Should People Make More of an Effort to Keep Some Things Private?"

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People should not make an effort to keep things private. Making an effort to keep things private and unsaid implies secrecy and promotes conformism. It can also help generate a culture built of repression and unsaid things. This can be seen through popular modern day literature and films, both of which tend to reflect important social phenomenons or ideals. The novel ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shreve depicts a young boy’s life through the perspective of his mothers’ musings of the past. As a child, Kevin displayed many abnormal tendencies and in particular, seemed to derive great joy from inflicting pain onto others. Despite the fact that Kevin did not fit in with other children throughout his childhood and adolescence and his distinctively sadistic tendencies and emotions, his mother kept her feelings in this respect hidden, keeping her sons’ unconventionalities hidden. Later in his life, Kevin partook in a school shooting, inflicting excruciatingly painful deaths upon many of his peers. Although this was not a direct consequence of any of her actions, perhaps Kevins mother was partially at fault for maintaining too much privacy and refusing for her son’s behaviour to be exposed and thus perhaps mitigated or prevented. The popular film ‘V for Vendetta’ depicts the detrimental effect of excessive weight on privacy being placed on society. Such a society, as depicted in the film, is shrouded by privacy and passivity. All the people kept to themselves and maintained a high degree of privacy and secrecy for the controversial views they held with regards to their society, culture and government. As a consequence, this society becomes easily controlled by a fascist government. The detriments of a culture of privacy is also depicted by the popular novel ‘Fight Club’ by Chuck Palahiniuk. The novel is set in a

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