1984: Banned Research Project

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Banned Book Research Project: 1984 George Orwell has a few controversial, or challenged, novels, such as Animal Farm, but his work, 1984 in particular has left us with a few strange impressions, as well as food for thought. The main idea of 1984 surrounds the idea of communism; however there is more to the story in the eyes of many all over the world. There could have been anything that could have upset someone enough to have a school ban this book, as well as many others. With this in mind, there are three main reasons for the banning of George Orwell’s 1984. The first and obvious reason is that the book takes place in a pro-communist setting. The book may have been trying to prove a point, but it was still enough to offend many. The book is also sexually explicit, so it is easy to see why parents may want to “protect” their children from the idea of sex and that it should not be thought of in the way George Orwell writes about it. The most interesting reason for the ban of 1984 was the fact that it reminded people of what is like in the United States today. It has made people uncomfortable to think that what is being described in this chilling novel reminds them of what they see outside their own windows, with the fact that humans are constantly on watch and there is practically no way to keep anything hidden. No matter what a person does, there is always a way to track it down. With all of this said, it is easy to see why it was banned from several school. The issue however, is the fact that this is a book that students should read. If too much is censored, children and teens have no way to open their minds. Are the reasons for the ban of 1984 in many schools legitimate? “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” (Orwell 1) was a party slogan for “Big Brother”. This quote has stood out because communism does not
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