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Backgrounder Sample Case for Video Storyboarding Exercise GR Hotels Corporation (GR) Backgrounder Company History (1991 to 2007) GR Hotels Corporation (GR) is a privately-owned corporation that operates two large mid-scale hotels, one in Montreal and one in Toronto. The corporation was founded by the Gemron family in the late 1980s. The company’s first hotel was built near the Toronto international airport and opened in early 1991. GR expanded quickly, opening a hotel in downtown Montreal in 1992. The hotels are branded as GR Hotels, e.g. “GR Toronto Hotel.” Each hotel has 280 or more guest rooms and three banquet rooms. The banquet rooms are used for special events with 50-300 attendees, such as conferences, wedding receptions, and seminars. Small meetings can be accommodated by removing bedroom furniture from a guest room and adding tables and chairs. Until 1997, Arthur Gemron managed the company. Satisfied with the operations of the hotels, Gemron retired and Andrew Mayd was hired in 1997 to manage GR. The hotels developed a good reputation for service and have been reasonably successful for the past 10 years. The GR Montreal Hotel has benefited from the popularity of Montreal as a conference and tourist centre. Montreal is close to several major U.S. cities and costs are reasonable. As well, travellers regard Montreal as a little foreign and exotic, but safer than many other major cities. In 2004, the Montreal Tourist Magazine bestowed the best mid-scale independent hotel award to the GR Montreal Hotel. Toronto, which is Canada’s most populous city and Ontario’s economic centre, has seen significant growth since 1990. GR’s head office and central booking centre is located in the Toronto hotel building. In 2003, business at the Toronto hotel suffered significantly as a result of the SARS outbreak in Toronto. Over the past four years, business has returned

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