Gore Dream Theory

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1. What theories from this chapter are revealed through the case? The dyadic theory is an approach to leadership that attempts to explain why leaders vary their behavior with different followers. Gore has established a “lattice organization” which includes the following features: • Direct lines of communication- person to person- with no intermediary • No fixed or assigned authority • Sponsors, not bosses • Natural leadership as evidenced by the willingness of others to follow • Objectives set by those who must “make them happen” • Tasks and functions organized through commitments • Complete avoidance of the hierarchical command and control structure The vertical dyadic linkage (VDL) theory examines how leaders form one-on-one relationships with followers. This theory was revealed in the W. L. Gore & Associates case given their sponsor program where they assign a sponsor to each associate. This gives each associate a chance to have a one-on-one relationship with at…show more content…
How did Gore’s “sponsors” program facilitate the creation of high-quality relationships among leaders, sponsors, and associates? The sponsors program forced leaders, sponsors and associates to form relationships and to work together on a regular basis not just to complete a task but to help each other to learn and grow within the company. The longer you stay in the company, the more sponsors you acquire, however you don’t seem to let the others go either so your sponsorship grows. 3. Evaluate followership at W. L. Gore & Associates. What company actions and/or policies account for the quality of followership? Followership is the behavior of followers that results from the leader-follower influence relationship. Bill Gore believes in four basic principles: • Fairness to each other and everyone we come in contact with • Freedom to encourage, help and allow other associates to grow in knowledge, skill and scope of responsibility • The ability of to make one’s own commitments and keep

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