Gm592 Week 5 Assignment

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Week 5 Skills Development Exercise GM592 1. You have developed a new work procedure that will increase productivity. Your boss likes the idea and wants you to try it in a few weeks. You view your followers as fairly capable, and believe that they will be receptive to the change. __Yes___time__Yes___information__Yes___acceptance_____capability Leadership style ____Autocratic_______________________ 2. There is new competition in your industry. Your organization’s revenues have been dropping. You have been told to lay off three of your 15 followers in two weeks. You have been supervisor for over three years. Normally, your followers are very capable. __Yes___time_Yes___information_____acceptance_____capability Leadership style ___Autocratic______________ 3. Your department has been facing a problem for several months. Many solutions have been tried and have failed. You’ve finally thought of a solution, but you’re not sure of the possible consequences of the change required, or of acceptance by your highly capable followers. __Yes___time__No___information__No___acceptance___Yes__capability Leadership style _____Participative_______________________ 4. Flextime has become popular in your organization. Some departments let each employee start and end work when he or she chooses. However, because of the cooperation required of your followers, they must all work the same eight hours. You’re not sure of the level of interest in changing the hours. Your followers are a very capable group and like to make decisions. _Yes____time_Yes____information__No___acceptance__Yes___capability Leadership style ______Consultative____________ 5. The technology in your industry is changing too fast for the members of your organization to keep up. Top management hired a consultant who has made recommendations. You have two weeks to decide what to do about the

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